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pabedu is a network of experts from different fields having an aim of 'creating new generation learning environments' with the leading role of PAB Architects specialized in educational spaces. It is a platform where educators, pedagogues, architects, real-estate professionals, product designers, technologists, ligthing designers and other partners from various fields of educational ecosystyem come together to develop new ideas and projects for client-specific needs. 


Project Partners
   PAB Architects

Youth Works

PAB is an architectural practice aiming to explore architectural and urban potentials through flexible research and design forms. PAB, with its team specialized in educational buildings, has designed and realized a number of K12, high school and university buildings both for private and public sector. With an interdisciplinary approach, PAB provides a wide range of services from the first investment decisions to the end of the construction. 

Youth Works is a creative and pioneering advertising agency with an expertise on 'youth'. The agency collaborates with many brands and educational institutions while carrying on projects and researches based on the behaviors and opinions of youth in the age span of 12-35 in Turkey with 61% of its population under the age of 35 (47 Million people). 

Prof. Dr. Haydar Karabey 
Esin Işık

Graduated from DGSA Department of Architecture in 1973. Completed his PhD thesis in 1978, and associate professorship thesis in 1981. Has a number of published books and many articles. Pursues his professional work with Limited Mimarlık group since 1990. Having designed a number of school buildings and projects, he is the author of the book titled 'School Buildings; Planning and Designing the Schools of the Future, Contemporary Approaches, Principles'. 

Having a bachelor’s degree in industrial product design in METU and an MSc degree in emotional design in Delft Technical University, she is an independent user experience and service designer. Strong in uniting empathy and creativity, she introduces human-centered thinking and design approach to a number of innovation-oriented project  fro the last 5 years.

Ersa Furniture

ERSA, with its special place among  furniture manufacturers in Turkey has been providing innovative solutions for living environments since its foundation in 1958. The designs of the company for new generation working and learning environments received many design awards and preferred by a number of educational institututions. 

Bosphorus Investments aims to facilitate investors entering the Turkish real estate market and investing in profitable and sustainable projects in central locations. It has been established to develop real estate projects and direct investors towards profitable and sustainable investments especially in the city centers of suburban areas.

O2 Design
Çözeriz Biz 

Lighting design should provide technical standards, enrich the aesthetics and perception of architectural design, and address energy efficiency. O2 Design, working with these means in the field of lighting design consultancy has been a partner in many projects with a variety of building typologies and scales.

The company is a brand-independent , integrated service provider to meet the needs of information and commnication technologies of organizations in different scales. The team both designs and implements technological infrastructures, hardware and software systems that will support new generation educational tools. 

For further information please reach us !
You may reach us via phone, e-mail or our social media channels for further information. 
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