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Implementation of Uskudar Academy IT Lab -  18/07/2016

Works on Üsküdar American Academy IT Lab Project came to an end and the implementation has begun...

German High School Sports Hall and Annexes -  16/12/2015

The new gymnasium proposal for the school is placed underground for the continuity of the front and backyard; enabling the backyard, which is not frequently used, to be more inviting and a part of daily life to increase the limited open space in school.

Placing the roof terrace of the design proposal as the continuation of the existing school garden enables a pedestrian movement flow through the proposed staircase to the backyard at the lower level. This idea unites the limited open spaces tucked inbetween dense housing settlement on the pedestrian level creating freer movement means. Arts and music classromos at the lower level facing the main staircase are designed to be transparent  on the daily routes of students, and to be watched, intriguing and encouraging participation. When the windows of the music room are opened, the space turns into a stage with the staircases becoming the spectator seats of the events to be held.

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