pabedu is a network of experts from different fields having an aim of 'creating new generation learning environments' with the leading role of PAB Architects specialized in educational spaces. It is a platform where educators, pedagogues, architects, real-estate professionals, product designers, technologists, ligthing designers and other partners from various fields of educational ecosystyem come together to develop new ideas and projects for client-specific needs. 


Strategic Partners
   PAB Architects
   Architecture, Planning, Construction 

   Finpeda (Finland) 
   Pedagogy, Architecture, Technology  

   Yenilikçi Öğrenme Merkezi
   Education, Consultancy

   Bophorus Investments
   Real Estate, Feasibility
   O2 Design
   Lighting Design 

   Youth Works
   Advertising, Marketing


   Technology, Infrastructure

   Haydar Karabey
     Prof. Dr., Architect

   Jale Onur

   Kayhan Karlı

   Esin Işık
     User Experience Designer

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You may reach us via phone, e-mail or our social media channels for further information. 

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