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Uskudar American Academy 

A sample classroom, IT laboratories, a maker lab, library and common spaces are redesigned in the existing campus of Uskudar American Academy to integrate the physical environment with innovative learning systems.

Gokceada High School Campus

The campus consists of a high school, vocational school, dormitory, libary, gymnasium, and an auditorium. The campus will enable an innovative learning environment where interaction is enhanced through the 'open campus' idea where the spaces and resources are shared by the students and community.

Ayhan Sahenk Faculty of Agricultural Sciences  

Ayhan Sahenk Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies along with a student dormitory is in use since 2013, to provide a research-development hub for the agricultural investments of Dogus Group.  

ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering Annex 

New design principles are set to rehabilitate existing buildings of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus, and new annexes are planned that are coherent with the existing building character. 

N.K.U. Faculty of Medicine Morphology Building

Starting with the masterplaning of Degirmenalti Campus of Namik Kemal University founded in 2006, a number of faculty and social buildings are designed. Among them, Morphology Building of Faculty of Medicine  is in use since 2011.

This website is an open source medium aimed at forming a collective platform based on the researches of PAB in the field of learning environments which is open to contributions.

German High School Gymnasium and Annexes

A gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-purpose hall and studios planned as annex buildings are designed to integrate with the existing historical school building of Istanbul Private German School. 

M.E.B. Mugla Milas Educational Campus

Alternative campus variations for shools in various scales are studied with Ministry of National Education to replace the idea of a standardized school scheme.

Ayhan Sahenk Dormitory

The dormitory for 200 pupils coming from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences as well as other faculties of the university addresses the physical requirements of a dormitory building in alternative perspectives. 

Adana University of Science and Technology

A masterplan, design guide and concept projects for different faculty and administrative buildings are proposed for the newly founded Adana University of Science and Technology. 

N.K.U. Central Lecture Halls Building Complex

After the masterplan of NKU, the initial designed project that initiated the morphology building of faculty of medicine, faculty of agriculture, faculty of science and letters is the central lecture halls building complex which is in use since 2009.   

TAVAK Foundation European University 

Various services are offered for TAVAK Foundation European University as land development, developing the biref of building programs and architectural design in masterplan and building scales. 

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